Design EntrepreneurSHIP

intercultural training programme


Design EntrepreneurSHIP is a project funded by the European Union and the South Baltic Programme cross-border project with partners from Poland, Gdynia Innovation Centre (Lead Partner) and Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Sweden, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation SVID and Germany, Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design and HIE-RO at the University of Rostock. The target group includes students and graduates from the fields of economics, engineering and the different design disciplines (art, design, architecture, etc.) and SMEs in that specialise in product and industrial design.

The aim of the project is the stimulation of increased integration and training and the labour market in the product and industrial design sector in the Southern Baltic. This sector is dominated by SMEs with a large potential for creativity, yet a low potential of entrepreneurship education dominates. The product and industrial design sector is developing rapidly in Europe, but has not yet reached the stage of a well-established industry branch.

In order to achieve better integration between university education and the labour market it is necessary to educate students and graduates of economics in product and industrial design and to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of students and participants from the design sector. With this, and the objective of the creation of collaborative partnerships between organisations and students with complementary skills, over three years of training with students and companies from Poland, Sweden and Germany is being undertaken.

The training has an emphasis on interdisciplinary and international cooperation, knowledge transfer and exchange of "best practices".  Furthermore, students will design engineering and business work together with companies and experts while working on real problems and cases.

The main project activities include international and interdisciplinary training, the exchange of "best practices" and the support of Universities and organisations.











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