South Baltic Training Programme


The "South Baltic Training Programme" (SBTP) is an EU project in the South Baltic Programme. The aim of the project is the progressive internationalisation of the labour market, vocational training and cross-border cooperation in the southern Baltic.

The main objectives are:

  • Achieve a greater understanding of each other's cultures and their social background.
  • Support of internationalisation and cross-border cooperation between vocational training institutions, teachers and businesses in the Southern Baltic to the internationalisation of vocational training cross-border economic activity and cultural awareness.
  • The project will also discuss future forms for a common certification of vocational training in the southern Baltic Sea.
  • Compilation of current knowledge about the actual problems in the mobility of the workforce and make proposals for action for policy makers and authorities.
  • Increasing the mobility of skilled, trained and culturally conscious young workers in the southern Baltic region.
  • Creation of a network platform, on which the best practices and innovative methods and support are represented in the internationalisation of vocational education.

The project follows a practical approach in close cooperation with training institutions and enterprises, which examines the possibilities and problems of internationalisation of vocational education. Within the project 72 trainees are given the opportunity in a multi- week exchange programme to gain experience abroad. For vocational education institutions and businesses on the possibilities for international cooperation, as well as approaches and possibilities for future alignment of the training result.

The SBTP project is funded by the project partners NetPort.Karlshamn AB Sweden ( Lead Partner) , Littorina Folk High School / SE; ITC innovation - and Trendcenter Bentwisch / DE; Rietavas Business Information Center / LT, Zemaitija College / LT, University of Szczecin / PL , EUC Zeeland / DK and the Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development at the University of Rostock.

District of Bad Doberan (a district of Rostock) / DE; ; Here we support our associate partners Region Council of Blekinge / SE; Karlskrona Business and Craft Association / SE Liebherr MCCtec Rostock GmbH / DE; Ecovis-Akademie/DE ; Rietavas Women organization / LT ; The Union of Industrialists of Plunge / LT ; Lithuanian Small and Medium Business Board / LT ; Lithuanian tourism Association / LT ; Voivodship Labour Office in Szczecin / PL; Regional training Facility / PL; Centre of Vocational Education and Lolland-Falster/DK Naestved Language and Competence Center / DK .







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