Warnow Valley

The goal of the project is to significantly advance the development of the cultural and creative quarter Warnow Valley, which has been home to around 50 creative companies over the years. Activities include the network expansion and its strengthening, the cross-industry networking and marketing, the increase of the visibility and awareness, as well as a financial and construction plan for the new location.

The structure of the project will be divided into five main areas:

1. Project management and communication

2. Expansion and consolidation of the Warnow Valley network

3. Cross-sector networking and marketing of the creative cluster

4. Increasing the visibility and awareness of the Warnow Valley

5. Development of a location and utilization concept including a construction and financial plan

In the first few months of the project, the consolidation and expansion of the network of the creative industry, the Warnow Valley, will be in the foreground. With individual growth and cooperation requirements in mind, as well as their innovation potential for other sectors, the companies have to be analysed in order to respond to their needs in further networking, marketing, structure formation and neighbourhood development. 

In the next step, the cross-industry networking and marketing of the large number of creative companies will be in the focus.

Subsequently, a concept for the site development will be developed in order to bring together the creative community and to create a long-term location for the creative industry, regional decision-makers, scientific institutions and companies from other branches with a need for innovation.

HIE-RO will bring in complementary expertise in entrepreneurship, promotion, concept refinement, feasibility studies and fundraising with a particular focus on socio-economic and entrepreneurial aspects.

Project Partners:
  • The Hanseatic Institute for Enterpreneurship and Regional Development
  • Kreativsaison e.V. 
Team and Contacts: