Interconnect - Study visit to Klaipeda


Fifth Interconnect study visit brought project partners to Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. 

On 21 and 22nd May 2019, Interconnect project partners met in Klaipeda, Lithuania. While the team which handles public transportation in Klaipeda is relatively small but their role and the example of city in the project is significant - Klaipeda has recently implemented new e-ticketing system and their experience in the implementation process is invaluable for the project partners who are in the process of transitioning from the old system to a new one. Which was also the main focus of the study visit.

Interconnect project partners had an opportunity to learn about the current status and discuss the e-ticketing implementation with all the related aspects - such as how the previous system performed and why it needed to be changed or the path to choosing the right e-ticketing system. The team from Klaipeda Public Transport Authority also provided an in-depth analysis of the public transport in Klaipeda and the effects of the new e-ticketing has on it - both from the user and operator's perspective, as well as the possibilities that the e-ticketing system provides both groups with, advantages, but also challenges and obstacles that had to be overcome during the implementation process. 

As with all the previous study visits, project partners did not only discuss the e-ticketing and public transport but also tested it in the streets of Klaipeda by taking a bus and mini-bus as the inhabitants would do everyday. 


 Klaipeda e-ticketing app.



 Klaipeda Public Transport Authority representative presents the public transport management centre.