Interconnect - Study visit to Estonia & Finland


The Estonian model of free public transport is well known all around the European Union community and is widely discussed among the public transport community as the one having a great potential for encouraging the public to use public transport. By this and the fact that the capital of Estonia – Tallinn and the capital of Finland – Helsinki, the port cities with the heaviest maritime passenger traffic, are neighboring one of our Interconnect partners - the Viimsi Municipality, it comes as no surprise that this destination was chosen for the next Interconnect study visit. 

The two day study visit’s extensive programme included a travel by public transport in Viimsi, Tallinn and Helsinki as well as a ferry trip between the two capitals. A presentation of the plans for the future public transport organization in Helsinki was delivered by the experts from the Urban planning office of the city of Helsinki followed by an extensive presentation of the public transport system in Tallinn.


Interconnect, the project for “Better public transport services for regional and cross-border travels in the South Baltic area” is an EU Interreg South Baltic Programme flagship project and addresses the challenge of curbing the car-reliant mobility trend in the area.








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