Objective of all articles is to contribute to the theoretical and political discourse around ‘entrepreneurship’. Because of the new character of economic development, structural change and innovations ~ open and demand-driven - the concept of entrepreneurship has to be extended to

  • ‘entrepreneurs within enterprises i.e. intrapreneurship;
  • traditionally non-market entrepreneurship, f.e. social entrepreneurship, eco-entrepreneurship and cultural entrepreneurship (‘the artist as entrepreneur’);
  • historically non-entrepreneurial institutions, f.e. ministries, universities and research institutes and - last but not least-
  • to the role of entrepreneurship in regional development, and its contribution to innovative networks, clusters, creative milieus and entrepreneurial regions.


The following collection of articles that appeared since the year 2000 apply different theoretical and political approaches at different levels focusing on:

  • Knowledge as the driving force of the competitiveness of regions;
  • the way ahead from regional knowledge to the entrepreneurial region;
  • the contribution of universities to the creation of entrepreneurial regions; 
  • competing models of entrepreneurship education;
  • concepts of evaluating business development organisations; 
  • last, but not least, some contributions dealing with the lack of an entrepreneurial culture in Germany (in German).


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